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Today is a day for seeking comforts: a blazing log fire, favourite old clothes, a good book, a hearty homemade soup…

Unfortunately we have run out of carb-loaded goodies for having with hot chocolate. We have no drinking chocolate either, but I can make a Keto version with cocoa powder. Is it too early in the day to be adding rum to it?

Although it is several degrees warmer than yesterday it feels so much more dismal. Yesterday was crisp and pretty, today is damp and windy and with six degrees of chill factor, according to Ms Google.

Even the cat was seeking comfort today. He was found underneath the throw that we keep on “his” chair.

Dusty is in there, somewhere

He will emerge when he believes that there may be food in the offing.

On the matter of food – its Leek and Potato Soup today, to which I will most likely add lardons and cheese… just to keep the cold out 🙂 Big wodge of crusty baguette with that? Buttered, please!

When I woke this morning I fired up my tablet to look at the News. I was more than half expecting to find that we are returning to Lockdown but it seems that the French government is still trying to stop short of that. It has been suggested that citizens do not celebrate on New Year’s Eve and, of course, the planned absence of curfew that night has been ditched. It was always a stupid idea to lift the curfew for the 31st December. People may still travel outside the curfew and stay overnight but gatherings are limited to no more than 6 adults – though apparently now heavily discouraged. It can only be a matter of days, I think. The new variant of the virus has been found in France and vaccination doesn’t (isn’t supposed to) start until tomorrow, with schedules apparently having been moved backwards. The Crooked Man was telling me this morning that I can no longer expect my jab in February but I presently lack the detail on that news item.

The curfew on New Year’s Eve will not affect us at all. We shall be dining at home, as usual, and quietly celebrating our wedding anniversary. This year I am not cooking, but we are collecting a takeaway meal in the afternoon. It should make for a leisurely celebration. The Champagne is already on ice. How many years, you ask. I’m not at all sure! 18, maybe.

So far today has been routine (dishwasher, washing machine, a quick tidy of the bedroom that turned into a significant reorganisation – I have new skirts to accommodate) I shall be taking the remainder of my day easy. I plan to finish my Simon Armitage book and then I think that I might just potter on here in my new corner and perhaps organise the bureau drawers a little better in order to squish some camera gear in. What I want to do is to go upstairs and photograph skirts but the light today is very poor. It has been so since my parcel arrived and I have yet to take a really good look at what I have.

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