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December Reflections 1: Star

Taking part in Susannah Conway’s series of December Reflections prompts. Mainly my responses will be in my other blog, Scattered Thoughts, but sometimes they will fit better here. On other days, such as today, we may fit in a post in both blogs.

Star Anise

Earlier this year I went Sloe-picking. I had last year’s Sloe Gin unopened and so decided to try making Pacharan for a change.

Pacharán is a liqueur made by infusing Sloes in Anisette (along with some other aromatics). Anisette based on Star Anise is not recommended but was all that I could buy at the time. Naturally, the very next day I stumbled upon Anisette made from Anis Vert.

Lovely bottle

I bottled my Pacharán today, into a genuine Pacharán bottle bought in Zarautz, where we first discovered this particular Basque tipple. That was, according to today’s Facebook Memories, just exactly three years ago.

It was snowing in Zarautz three years ago and there was snow falling outside in the early hours here at home today.

Perfect circular blog satisfaction today. My only disappointment was in realising that my bottle holds a litre and I had only made 70cl of Pacharán.

Today’s other Star is here.

ETA: Okay, we definitely need to get some Anisette made from Anis Vert. This Pacharan is positively BRUTAL!

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