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We had an impromptu trip to Limoges today. It was good to be out and about again at last. We remain confined for the next few days, not because of any Lockdown, but because of impending deliveries and so a Sunday Escape was just what was needed.

The Crooked Man was trying to buy something online and complaining that it would not be delivered until the 29th of this month, when he spotted that we could reserve and then pick up from Darty this very day. It was only 1:30pm, the sun was shining and I had no plans for cooking a meal tonight (bread and cheese day!) Regrettably, Grand Frais was not open this afternoon, as that would have made the hour long journey to Limoges well worth the while. We chose instead to see it as a ride out, with something that we could usefully do whilst we were about it.

As it happened, both the wine Cave and the Chocolate shop were open when we arrived at Darty…

The Crooked Man picked up his purchase and then we went to the Cave.

Can I help you, asked the charming Assistant. Crooked Man explained that we were looking for a bottle of Sherry. She looked blank: “Sherreee?” He volunteered the explanation that it was a fortified wine from Spain. “Espagne? Sherreee? Non, monsieur!”.

We said what a shame it was, as we had bought Sherry in this very shop previously, albeit a couple of years ago. I pointed to the shelf where it had been found, là bas! She went to speak to her colleague. “Sherrreee?” Oui, Monsieur… and the Crooked Man explained again. Monsieur shook his head and said “Non” – meanwhile I was busy perusing the previously indicated shelf.

I spotted a bottle of Barbadillo, picked it up (naughty, the signs said not to touch the merchandise) and showed it to him, underlining the words Jeres – Xérès – Sherry with my finger. “Ahh, Sherreeee!”

Definitely Sherry

I’m not sure but I believe that this entire exchange is to be read as “Yes, we have the Spanish wine but we do not wish to sell it to you.” 🙂

We carried off our trophy in triumph and went and spent an infeasible amount of money on more chocolate than a body has a right to, then drove home in beautiful late afternoon sunshine.

Liqueurs, complete with proper chocolate crust, Carrés and Cognac-soaked Raisins

In our partial defence, it wasn’t all Chocolate that we purchased but also some conserves for cheese. I am particularly looking forward to the Mirabelle & Cumin (which will almost certainly turn out not to be Cumin but Caraway). The Crooked Man seized upon a jar of Roscoff Onion with Ginger. Yum.

The Sherry is for our wedding anniversary meal. I think that it may be a quite wonderful wine, judging by its online reviews.

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